Summer Self-Care: Teacher Edition

We're in it. That one time of year where everybody wishes they were a teacher. They imagine you sleeping in until 10 AM, drinking frozen cocktails on a beach, or traveling the world (well, maybe not this year yet). However, as any teacher will tell you, the summer never seems long enough for all of... Continue Reading →

Body Scan Check-In

Last night, AMA co-founder, Dr. Erin M Gallagher, led a workshop on using mindfulness and positive neuroplasticity in order to combat stress and anxiety. She ended the workshop by leading everybody in a seven minute body scan. We've uploaded that here so that you can use it to help you through a stressful day or... Continue Reading →


One of our co-founders, Eric Samulski, recently sat down to discuss the launch of AMA Afterschool and how we believe our community addresses clear needs that currently exist in student support and additional opportunities for teachers. Eric talked with Elliott Zelinskas of Entre Educator to discuss everything teachers need to know about AMA Afterschool. They... Continue Reading →

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