Who We Are

AMA was founded on a desire to create an online education community that connects experienced educators with all types of learners, from all backgrounds. AMA is a safe and reliable place where students can consistently get homework help, take workshops, interact with peers from across the country, and experience the support and assistance that are so crucial to academic success.

At the end of the day, we’re just three friends who believe in the value of education. We saw a problem and want to help fix it. If all students are given consistent support and access to engaging opportunities, they will be empowered to learn and continue pushing themselves to succeed. Together we aim to change the way this country views education and treats educators, and we’d love for you to help us on this journey.

Meet Eric

A classroom teacher for over ten years, Eric earned both his Bachelor’s Degree in English and his Masters in Education from Trinity University (TX). Eric has taught English Literature to grades 6-12, has taught Cinema to grades 10-11, and also has taught both AP Literature and AP Language. During his employment at the Lycée Français de New York, Eric has been involved in developing curriculum for multiple subjects, as well as serving on administrative teams regarding the use of data/surveys in the classroom and completing a work grant in Finland to study best practices.

Eric is an experienced tutor in one-on-one and small group settings, and has organized his school’s film festival for the past ten years, which influences his desire to make art programs more accessible, even in a virtual setting.

Before teaching, Eric played college and professional baseball and is now a youth baseball and basketball coach.

Meet Erin

A native of New York City, Erin has been an educator since 2003. She has taught in both public and private schools, as well as at the university level.

A strong proponent of remote learning for non-traditional and traditional students alike, Erin began teaching online university courses in 2010. For the past 10 years she has experienced the benefits and challenges of online learning, continually tweaking her own practices to suit the needs of constantly changing student populations and circumstances.

As an experienced tutor, Erin has led one-to-one and small group sessions, helped students gain confidence in their writing and prepped middle schoolers for high school entrance exams.

Erin holds a PhD in English, is a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Teens Coach and runs the 6th grade Social Emotional Learning program at her current school.

Meet Jesse

esse received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. He started his first company Phonetag at 19, which he later sold to a Nasdaq listed company. He is an experienced founder and operator of technology companies with experience raising capital, building companies from the ground up, and ensuring long-term viability and success.

Jesse has mentored many young entrepreneurs as they look to build their businesses, including serving on the Innovation Fund board at NYU. These businesses include other community based companies, so he understands how to lead a technical team to make sure that this community-as-a-platform has all the tools necessary to create a trustworthy platform that offers a great experience for everyone.

While not an educator himself, many of his friends and family are lifelong educators, so he is motivated to give them an avenue to push their own educational goals while also allowing them to use their passion and expertise to help a larger number of students.

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