Supporting the Whole Student

One of the crucial differentiators at AMA is that our community was developed to support the whole student, not simply provide quick fixes to small problems. We work to ensure that in a number of different ways:

  1. Students sign up with an on-boarding form that seeks to learn more about how each student identifies as a person and a learner.
  2. Once a student has filled out our form, they are able to begin signing up for products, including attending our daily Study Halls. Not only will students be able to work in a supportive setting, but we will monitor how often they meet with specific subject teachers so that, if necessary, we can recommend tutoring or workshops – perhaps with the same teacher they’ve been seeing in Study Hall.
  3. If a student chooses to utilize our personalized tutor matching, they will answer a few additional survey questions which will help us create a match tailored to the student’s learning style and personality. Students can choose to be tutored in a subject or get one-on-one help with scheduling and organizing their own work.
  4. In our tutoring sessions, our Educators create an individualized education plan and timeline and provide thorough feedback and progress chart to families after each session.
  5. The feedback documents can be shared with the student’s school teachers and our Educators will work to ensure the tutoring sessions line up with the expectations of the student’s classroom teacher – to create a completed circle of support.
  6. Our Educators will also conference with families to evaluate progress and recalibrate, if necessary.
  7. In addition to tutoring, workshops provide areas for enrichment and growth, in small group settings.

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